Diggin in the states, part 3

Just returned from my third trip digging through various record stores and thrift stores in California. Came back with a helluva stack wicked 45s and LPs. Nothing beats the feeling of returning home with a shitload of gems just waiting to be cleaned and played for a live audience…

Speaking of which, we’re currently looking for a new venue for weLOVEweFUNK, as residents around Skatepark Area51 have filed noise complaints. Eindhoven authorities just pulled Area51’s license for staying open late and organising stuff. Which sucks not only for funk lovers in the area, but also rock, punk, hip hop, dubstep and techno crowds who flocked to the many parties held at Area51. I guess it’s the same old story over and over again… stay tuned for more news on www.welovewefunk.nl or join the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/welovewefunk.

For now, gaze at these pics I took on holiday. Just some good spots I could recommend to every vinyl junkie.