Sugar Billy (Garner) – Super Duper Love

Download or listen to Sugar Billy Garner's "Super Duper Love"

Every Billy Garner song has a great beat. It’s that beat and Billy’s screams and shouts that I fell in love with when I first heard his song “I Got Some” on the Brainfreeze Breaks compilation 2LP. You might know this tune as it was sampled by DJ Premier for GangStarr’s “B.Y.S.” . His other two landmark breaks are “Brand New Girl” and “You’re Wasting My Time” which were featured on SuperFunk vol. 2 by BGP/Ace Records (

For now, take a listen to his most recognizable song “Super Duper Love” as this was revived by Joss Stone a few years back. Luckily, Joss does not deteriorate the original, as happens to a lot of covers. They either get ‘dancified’ with a stupid techno beat, or the singing really sucks compared to the original. Joss has a great soul voice, and her backing band is top notch. It gets close to the intensity of the original. Listen…

Click image above or download it here!