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Exclusive interview with DEES

I performed an interview with DEES, visual hiphop artist from Eindhoven, the Netherlands. He has been a guest DJ at the fourteenth edition of weLOVEweFUNK, the samples versus originals special. Well, now he is joining the weLOVEweFUNK DJ team again at the Queensday gig, so be sure to get there and show us some love! Check out the interview here.

Date: 30.04.12 // Place: Klokgebouw square, Strijp S, Eindhoven // From 10:00 until 17:00 // Outdoor // Free entrance!

Sixties soul, boogaloo & popcorn oldies

weLOVEweFUNK 16 Jay Cee Corp's Sixties Soul Special!

Good news comes in bundles! At a fresh weLOVEweFUNK party January 27th 2012, for the occasion specially editioned ‘Sixties Soul Special‘, we will present the finest in sixties soul, boogaloo and popcorn oldies. On vinyl, of course. Also I am glad to present to you an in-depth interview I did with our special guest DJ: Jay Cee Corp! of DJ collective Club Cliché. As usual, it’s in Dutch.

Cannot read dutch? No worries. Be sure to tune in on Jay Cee Corp’s streaming non-stop radio show. Only good shit in here!

Sign up as an attendee on our weLOVEweFUNK facebook page!

And, oh, before I forget. Give this 45 a spin, will ya? Specially recommended by Jay Cee Corp! himself.

Keep digging!

An advice I’m sure happy to follow. For all you dutchies, check out the interview I did with Le Pêcheur de Perles, cratedigger extraordinaire from Groningen, Netherlands.